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If you are thinking of changing the management in your community, at Mediterráneo we offer you our experience in property administration .

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Your Mediterráneo administrator is present in the property, our organization makes it possible taking advantage of technological advances. This allows us to get to know our neighbours, to be by your side.

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A Mediterráneo president not only has a professional at his disposal, but also the experience and solidity of the largest property administration in Spain, something that reassures him in front of the rest of his neighbors.


To be a team means that you have a Mediterráneo administrator by your side, 12 months a year, morning and afternoon, in case of any urgency, so that you always have help, 24 hours a day.


We do not manage communities, we manage the quality of life of our neighbours and their largest investment. Each process is coordinated by your manager and supported by all departments, something you don't see but it's always there, to protect us all.

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In our Manual handbook we have all the tools available so that the management in your community is excellent and can offer a quality service.