We are by your side when you need us. Your property manager at Mediterráneo is a person who manages fewer communities than other offices. Why? Because we have organized ourselves for it. This is how we get to know our neighbours and solve their problems.


With Mediterráneo you have immediate access to your community accounts from the mobile app or from your computer. The accounts are neat and always up to date. We are unique for our data synchronization that is generated automatically. In addition, all the owners will receive the information in an effective way through postal mail or electronic mail.


We have been working for more than 60 years as specialists in property management and administration to give you all the confidence and peace of mind you need. We are a team, all committed to quality and transparency.

Technological Innovation

The mobile app that you can download here and the access to the private area from the computer are the result of the technical investment that we make at Mediterráneo so that you can communicate with us from anywhere in the world and at any time. You can access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Savings management

In neighbouring communities, expenses must be controlled. We keep your community's accounts always up to date. We control the rate of delinquency and facilitate the payment with a click on the mobile which contributes to the improvement of the liquidity.

Accounting control

Since 1986 automated accounting avoids errors. Automatically encoding the movements in your accounts enables daily updating, avoiding human errors in data processing. Our internal audit monitors the processes to always guarantee your peace of mind.

Miserv App Services

An application that puts all the owners of our communities of neighbours in contact with the professionals they need in maintenance, repairs, moving and many other services.

Your investment in the best hands

At Mediterráneo we take care of the families' main investment, their home. The proper maintenance of common areas and urbanizations is very important to us. We work to offer the best solutions to the neighbouring communities.

Real Estate Services

Through Mediterráneo Homes, we offer homeowners the best real estate experts to sell their property or find a new home. Close interaction, advice, and support are our hallmarks.

Custom Insurance

SecurME is an insurance brokerage specialized in protecting homes and communities, providing great service by offering insurance that best suits the needs of the applicant.

And of course...

Administrative management

  • Custody and archiving of community documents such as supply contracts, invoices, delivery notes, correspondence, etc.
  • Permanent information to the President and Community Governing Board of the economic situation of the property as well as of the state of the managements carried out for each incidence that arises in the property.
  • Drafting and sending of circulars to all owners at the request of the Governing Board.
  • Invitation to tender for suppliers for carrying out construction work or contractual services
  • Negotiations with the insurance company, processing and notification of claims.
  • Regular visits to the property.
  • Sending of information requested by any of the owners regarding any issue of the property, after consultation with the President and / or Community Governing Board.

Debt management

  • Immediate claim of unpaid debts by extrajudicial means.
  • Preparation of relevant documentation for the filing of judicial claims for non-payment (at the request of the Board of Proprietors).

Financial and labour management

  • Carrying out of the complete labour management, management of the payment of taxes and processing of licenses.
  • Preparation of work contracts, payrolls and social security for the employees who provide their services on the property.

General and Governing Board meetings

  • Preparation of summons and attendance at General Meetings of Owners as well as their minutes of the meeting.
  • Attendance at periodic control meetings with the Governing Board/President, when required.
  • Implementation of the resolutions made by the Board.

Also online

  • All the necessary information and in real time to all owners, with access via secure password.
  • Specific information to presidents, with real-time balances of Community debtors, for greater knowledge of the economic situation.
  • All the minutes of the meetings, summons and receipts of the Community and owners.
  • Reliable and secure administrator-neighbour communication, instantly.

We take care of the communities, and also the environment.

  • Mediation in neighbourhood conflicts. Mediterráneo professionals are registered in the corresponding Register of Mediators of the Ministry of Justice act in favour of coexistence.