"If you go it alone, you'll make quick progress; if you have a partner, you'll go further".

Mediterráneo presents an alternative to the 15,600 property managers operating in Spain and those who are increasingly joining the profession.

Since 1964, as our own network of offices, we have managed more than 3,000 communities thanks in part to the arrival of independent administrators who integrate as employees or others who, at the end of their careers, decide to prepare themselves and secure their future.

Do you want to join Mediterráneo Property Administration?

Why choose us

The new technologies, the greater responsibility of the manager or the normative changes give more and more sense to the sum of efforts or focus of the activity, as it happens in other sectors, to favor the competitiveness.

Mediterráneo is the professional alternative to other estate administrators' offices, its structure in which all its employees benefit from certain centralized processes facilitates both management and family conciliation for the administrator


We help the independent firm to serve its clients by investing in innovation and technology. We effectively manage more than 3,000 communities.


The largest professional property administration firm needs the best administrators, who need to feel secure in their roles from their very first day on the job.


Through the mobile phone, our customers have free access to more services, see their documentation, their daily updated balance and make payments. Technology helps us to be more transparent.


We are more than 130 people focused on customer service. We help each other and are proud to make a difference in an atomized industry.


Your owners and you yourself would be in a public limited company, the only Spanish estate administration, audited with its accounts in the Trade Register. This way you will be covered at all times by the largest national office.

Family and I

Begin to reconcile work and personal life. Enjoy the rest with the peace of mind that the processes go out and that your colleagues will replace you until your return from holidays. Thus, you come home mentally more relaxed and even happier.


Work with the peace of mind that if something happens to you, your owners will continue to be cared for. Moreover, at Mediterráneo our first administrators are retiring, because to take care of the employee is to take care of the clients.


Imagine, as an administrator, that you manage 150,000 properties. Surely you would organize better, you would have no other choice. At Mediterráneo there are 54 years of refining processes and transferring the experience of the administrator to the team.

The project Mediterráneo

Participating in the largest national company is not a title, it is an experience in which you can develop, promote, share ideas and be helped. The future is long and time passes.


GROWTH 1964 - 2019

  • 1964

    Start Mediterráneo

  • 2013

    Start expansion, 79 employee, 790 C.P.

  • 2018

    27 agreements AAFF 130 employee 1.750 C.P.

  • Future

    Add experience and digitalization


It seems common for an administrator to start from less to more and end almost as it began, with fewer Communities administered and hardly any employees.

The competition and technologies as well as the characteristics of the sector favour that this is usually the case, unless the person is picked up by a relative or similar with a polyvalent profile similar to that of the administrator.



To employ a person or two, with the fixed costs of the premises, the concern for the "company", mobile costs, insurance, etc... with a turnover in fees between 80,000 and 120,000 euros, is the most common situation.

The majority of the new members have experience but also a career ahead of them, so it is normal that they think about the next 20 years and the option of working as a team and receiving help in the most difficult moments.


We think in the same way, that is why we base the growth of Mediterráneo on the fact that the administrators themselves remain with their clients, we only help administratively and with the best processes to obtain a good service.



Working with a common database and rowing in the same direction allows us to use our COURIER or PRINT OFFICE that sends 100% of the notifications through the post without you getting up from your chair. It is automatically digitalized so that both WEB and APP are all there.

The ACCOUNTING is encoded through computer processes that allow us to have it without errors, 95% of the notes so that the administrator can focus on the rest of the needs of customers.

An own LABOUR department, doormen or oneself is managed in a professional way. Their payments, contributions and everything related is generated by an automatic payment, by totally safe notebooks. Yes, we also take care of prevention.

The TAXATION of a P.L.C. is audited for greater peace of mind, the 347 and other models are treated so that the administrator does not have to hold itself up at squaring amounts.

Internal COMMUNICATION, TRAINING, FINANCES, and even negotiation with suppliers, also makes it possible for you to come to Mediterráneo without any administrative cost that does not generate value. In addition, the efficiency in calculating the 347 of 3,000 Communities....changes, and so on.

We have a lot to offer you

Mobile applications for you and your homeowners


Advantages for your customers:

And as President also...

  • You will see your updated balance with your Community.
  • Notify your administrator directly.
  • View calls, circulars, minutes, policies, etc.
  • Pay Your Community bills.
  • “Push” notifications in calls.
  • Delegate your attendance to a meeting, with one click.
  • LPH on screen “+” of “My Community”

And as President also...

  • View homeowner balances
  • Digital signature of invoices, minutes or others
  • Without asking for listings, no waiting, daily
  • Confirm to LPD


Online platform

  • Multi-profile (private user - service professional – companies)
  • Possibility of integration in third party computer systems
  • Tailor-made reporting

APP individuals

  • Quick and easy request of estimates to professionals
  • Medium of communication that avoids calls (chat + photos)
  • Consultation of professionals called in previous works

APP professionals

  • Receipt of the order in real time and confirmation
  • Method of direct communication with the applicant and with Miserv (chat + photos)
  • Invoice credit notification.

Adding experience we all benefit from

We speak?

We want to reach agreements in which you are with us during your career, for Mediterráneo your enthusiasm and commitment is vital, we are going to spend a lot of time together.


Avda. Estación, 5 03003 ALICANTE

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Joaquín Torregrosa Seller - Administrator of properties Responsible for Expansion Mediterráneo SGI SA