Effective management of your home owners' association

When accounts are clear and up to date, costs are kept under control. This creates a clear positive feeling that is shared by all the members of the association.


How we reduce your association's costs

We have several ways of achieving this, which we coordinate according to the needs of your association: preferential agreements with suppliers, discounts on mandatory inspections, rational supervision of electricity use, elimination of unnecessary banking fees and charges.

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We were paying a high fee for our lift. Mediterráneo combined the management for all the lift shafts and got us a 40% discount on our maintenance bill. They are good negotiators and look out for our interests.
Jorge Daniel, 23 years as association president in Benidorm
In 20 years we have never had a single problem with our accounts
Antonio Berenguer, 20 years as association chairman in Jávea
You know that your affairs are being managed well when you don't even realise you're the president.
Rafael Galvañ, 7 years as association president in Gran Alacant