Mediterráneo is working with more and more homeowners’ associations every day, with over 36,000 homeowners being served by our offices in the regions of Valencia and Murcia. These homeowners are enjoying the benefits of working with a team that is capable of improving social harmony among neighbours, resolving day-to-day issues swiftly, no matter how difficult this might be in terms of organisation and understanding. With good reason, over the years, Mediterráneo has specialised in managing complex associations, with a large number of different nationalities present.

Because Mediterráneo takes its own name as inspiration, as the great “meeting point for neighbours”, which the Mediterranean Sea has always been, and endeavouring to apply this feeling to the way in which the everyday task of managing homeowners’ associations is approached. An environment favourable to social harmony which is only achieved when expenses are properly controlled, non-payments and late payments are tackled effectively, and building work is carried out with minimal inconvenience and incident.