Homeowners’ associations are like people

Each one is different. We know that only too well. We have been working with them for close to 50 years. Moving beyond different personalities, we prefer to see management as an opportunity to harmonise different points of view and encourage neighbours to understand one another. If they need to borrow some sugar, they can ask without worrying about it. They can pass the time of day easily when taking the lift together. That they can smile when greeting one another.

And all of this is much easier when accounts are clear and up to date; when costs are under control; when non-payments are reduced, when any building work is carried out with minimal interruption and incident…

That is how we work to ensure harmonious coexistence. Discreetly and efficiently. You’ll know we are there but we won’t bother you. You’ll be happy to come home. And for us, our greatest motivation will be bringing the Mediterranean spirit to your community.

For your peace of mind…

  • We always keep your association’s accounts up to date.You will always have the latest information in order to make decisions.
  • We will control non-payments. Avoiding the accumulation of small amounts left unpaid which eventually gain a stranglehold on your association’s finances. Our payment claims management system uses a three-stage communication strategy (informative, friendly, severe) which, if required, can then give rise to judicial proceedings.
  • We avoid extra expenses. Our Procurement Centre compares prices and negotiates present and future contracts signed by the Association in a structured and rational manner.
  • We audit the quality of our Mediterráneo offices.
  • We ensure fast punctual communication for your Association. All homeowners will receive information efficiently by post, in your mail boxes or by e-mail.
  • We provide ongoing training and development for our professionals. Through courses and seminars which constantly update their knowledge and skills.
  • We deal with the payslips for each Association’s employees.


How to cut costs?

Helping you to cut costs…

We can show you how in 10 easy steps. With our help, you can manage your budget effectively and profitably, in the knowledge that you have used your money in the best possible way. And this is how:
How to cut costs
1.- Capitalising on preferential agreements and major discounts
Mediterráneo works with the best lift/elevator companies and has outstanding proposals to maximise customers’ benefits.
2.- Obtaining discounts on Administration fees
If direct debit arrangements are set up for over 80% of homeowners, Mediterráneo offers its services at very attractive prices.
3.- With close, rational and constant monitoring of your electricity usage
It is important to know usage and consumption figures and to examine the best ways of ensuring outgoings are logical and balanced.
4.- Having preferential rates for mandatory inspections
Regular inspections of lifts/elevators, revision of fire-prevention installations and low voltage electrical installations.
5.- Providing employee training
It is very important for all employees to have the latest knowledge and information through subsidised courses.
6.- Through constant negotiations with suppliers
Our Procurement Centre is responsible for finding the best offers on services so that Mediterráneo’s customers feel unique.
7.- Using technology to ensure an effectively-run association
Homeowners can choose to receive any correspondence from Mediterráneo (meeting notifications, minutes, circulars, bills, etc.) electronically. Furthermore, all important information about each Association (balances, bills, minutes, accounts and statements, etc.) can be easily accessed through our Virtual Office, open 24 hours a day on the Internet. The site can also be browsed on your mobile or tablet.
8.- Making it easier to pay
Thanks to our standardised bills which can be paid at bank cashier desks and ATMs, customers of Mediterráneo can make payments without any hassle. You can also make payments online with your credit card.
9.- No fees charged in advance
No advanced payments are required until a ruling is issued demanding payment.
10.- No additional charges
Direct debit payments for bills do not incur any charges. There are also no charges for transfers, cheques or maintenance fees (for accounts with partner banks).